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The series "Leading Issues in the British Economy" was withdrawn for review and updating to reflect the current state of knowledge of the Real Incomes Approach. It will be re-posted during September 2016.
The Real Incomes Approach

The Real Incomes Approach to economics is a new paradigm that combines theory with practical policies for sustaining growth in real incomes in all types and states of economy.

Real Income policies adapt to the specific needs of each social constituent and economic unit and provide practical incentives for increased productivity...

NEW: BREXIT - Price Performance Policy - the last policy standing - Why not give it a try? - pdf document
The Real Incomes approach - A new paradigm - Introduction, the main outcomes, notable aspects of policy, relevance
Updated: A comparison of conventional policies & the Real Incomes Approach (table)
What is the Real Incomes Approach? - Resumé
The Real Incomes Approach - The main theoretical principles & policy options
Just Updated: The PAC Model of the economy
New Macro-micro coherence
New Policy Decision Analysis & the Real Incomes Approach
New Tacit & explicit knowledge
New Appropriate business rules for competitivity & growth
New Getting rid of corporation tax
New Policy Decision Analysis & Constitutional Economics
New The journey from 1971 to 2014 - the consolidation of financialization
New pEc - Price elasticity of consumption
Revised & reposted Constitutional questions arising from macroeconomic management
Revised & reported: Slumpflation, the policy-induced crisis
Revised & reported: Slumpflation or Deflationary Slump?
New: Quantitative easing for people
New: Why Gordon Brown made the Bank of England "independent"
Stabilizing the purchasing power
of the pound

New: Jeremy Corbyn's economic proposals.
Updated: Economists endorsing Jeremy Corbyn's economic policies
New: Gordon Brown on electability
New: Clause IV and all that ..
New: The Scotland Effect - The Quest for Fiscal Autonomy
New: The Minority Pinciple
Updated: Leaving austerity behind - the prospects for the UK
Lowering the burden of
public services
Updated: Public service provisions - a note
New: Private & public goods
Re-updated: Why Real Incomes?
New: In spite of policy - a note
New: The inevitable stop-go
Updated: The Tarshis paradox
Solving the PPR puzzle
Updated: The profit paradox
New: The fiscal paradox
New: The monetary paradox
Re-posted: Macroprudential regulation
Updated: IMF confirms that monetary policy is an incentive for speculation
Updated: Brazilian economic prospects - The needed transition from the Real Plan to a plan for Real Incomes
Reducing the negative
impacts of financialization
on productivity
and real incomes

New: Greece & the Eurozone - Part 1
New: Greece & the Eurozone - Part 2
Updated: The Real Growth Multiplier
New: Growth impetus
New: Constitutional aspects of the Real Incomes Approach
Fully revised: Real Incomes & the Quantity Theory of Money
Updated: The state of knowledge on the Real Incomes Approach
Positive Systemic Consistency
The importance of Constitutional Economics
Reissued: How constitutional economic principles saved a nation
The Price Performance Ratio
Macroeconomics - the problems   - media article
Macroeconomics - a solution   - media article

From chain gang to Blockchain - the necessary transition
The Price Performance Levy
Asset and productive economies
Some evidence on the failure of supply side economics
Articles in prepration:
  • Supply & demand?

  • Econometric series illustrating issues described in several articles (providing online simulation of PPP dynamics) prepared in collaboration SEEL-GBF

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