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In April, 2017, the website of the Constitutional Economics Organisation ceased to operate.


This website was one of the few websites dedicated Constitutional Economics which had been pioneeered by James Buchanan (1919-2013) and Gordon Tullock (1922-2014).

The site had maintained sections on:
  • Culture
  • Diversity & Complexity
  • Real Incomes Approach
  • Truth as Public Interest
  • Facts
  • The Minority Principle
  • Ethical Decision Analysis
  • Extra-Constitutionalism
It was one of the few that acknowledged the more recent contribution of the Real Incomes Approach in resussitating the current practical relevance of Constitutional Economics

Merger with "Constitutional Economics" (CE)

Last month we agreed with APE to add selected content from the website constitutioneconomics.org (CE) to this website. We are currently designing how this will be placed on our site. CE was one of the few sites dealing with economics with several cititions on Real Incomes Economics and it also carried a permanent feature section on the Real Incomes Approach to Economics. This was as a result of the recognition that the Real Incomes Approach has contributed several significant economic concepts and bases for analysis that have enhanced the relevance of CE. The first sections on CE will be introduced shortly.

We very much welcome this additional content because of the current and increasing significance of constitutional economic concepts to our current state of affairs in the United Kingdom.

Hector McNeill

1 July, 2017

The series "Leading Issues in the British Economy" was withdrawn for review and updating to reflect the current state of knowledge of the Real Incomes Approach. It will be re-posted during September 2017.
Archives to be reviewed and reposted

The archives, consisting of notes, observations and some papers stretching back to 1976 and the early days of this endeavour were withdrawn some time ago but several people have requested that they be restored. One justification expressed by those making these requests is the detailed analysis of the UK economic policies since 1945 to date which some found useful.

This content is under review in order to maximise clarity of meaning (a constant battle in economics) and to maintain a sequential narrative but also in the format of the original content of "Leading Issues in the British Economy", see left.

Hector McNeill

10 June, 2017.

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